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Apple is a multinational company related to technology and it is American based company spread all over the world. Its headquarters are in California and this company is much famous in designing and development of electronics products including different software’s & application and mobile with latest technologies. This company sells almost most of its products online with a high amount of demand for their latest mobile versions. The hardware products comprise of smartphones, IPhone, IPad, Mac computers iPod and many others electronic watches. The Apple software includes the operating system of iOS, OSX and the apple have also launched safari browser for ease of its customer in various part of the world. The apple also provides many services online like Apple iTunes store, App Store & iCloud.
Apple was founded by a man named as Steve Jobs and the main aim of the company is to develop and sell the electronic computer and Apple was incorporated on Jan 3, 1977, and named the company mark as Apple Inc. Apple is the latest & world most famous company relevant to Information Technology by according to the revenue in comparison with other companies. This company is the world second largest mobile selling. Apple in the United States is the top multinational company which worth reaches $700 billion. It overall operate iTunes store with almost 115,000 employees & also have the record of world largest retailer.
In 1984, this company Apple have launched their first personal computer called Macintosh which is first sold without the programming language inserted in it. The contract has been signed between the commercial television and it on aired all events of apple in third quarter Jan 1984.This also proved to be a masterpiece and great success of Apple. The selling of the Macintosh does not prove to be boost up due to its low scale and the less stock behind the software’s. The company then creating Macintosh GUI with three features page maker, laser writer & postscript in it.This system came in the market with great capabilities and advanced features of graphics. The invention of Macintosh the computer was outdated later because it was not good for multitasking. There is a need for Apple to develop a more power hardware which could give a high competition to their other competitor. Then the alliance of two companies IBM & Motorola stand with Apple and thus counter Microsoft and in collaboration with Apple they launched new Macintosh which left behind the personal computer & also it has the capability to use Motorola processor.
The products of Apple include Macs which are currently being sold including MacBook’s, MacBook Air, Mac mini’s, Mac Pro. These high selling products of Apple with other accessories became viral with the invention of new electronic products. In the year 2001, Apple has launched their first digital music player and it became the market leader with shipping of almost 350 million units. The apple has also supported much the sports brand of Nike. In 2007, Steve launched the IPhone with a convergence of enabling of the internet in it. It has been the new feature like GSM, handheld devices which are running all the application of Apple. It also has the browser of google with weather options & Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with touch screen in it. Later Jobs, updated the version with 3g support in it with a lot improvement in Apple store which also then capable of providing an instant download of the application. The device that much faster, video recording capability & also a control on voice. Then Apple later redesigns the IPhone 4 with 5 MP camera option & with video calling. Later there is a much complain of Apple customer due to steel brand they faced reception issues due to the coating of iPhone cellular signal Wi-Fi around. The Apple then gave a great challenge to Nokia & overtook this company to became the world biggest smartphone largest volume maker due to the updated form of mobiles with 8 MP camera in it. The invention of IPhone 5 with 4 G-lite technology attracted almost the whole world and this company then set a new trend of almost largest selling of branded smartphones. The Apple TV & Apple Watch which are launched later and it suited the audience in the best way. The demand for this device is increasing on the large scale and the CEO Cook later invented Apple watch which was wearable on hand and it also have the capability to support fitness tracking in it. The Apple also offered big online services with ICloud which provided the storing & syncing of whole data, which includes email, contact support & all documents. This ICloud proved a world most latest & fourth generation store by Apple which set out new trend of trade & great success in the field of Information technology & also these company products became viral due to a good response from public.

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