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Artificial intelligence is that intelligence showcased by software and machines. It is also included in the field of study in which we learnt how to create software and computers that are efficient of intelligence behavior.
According to the AL researchers, they defined it as the design and study of intelligent agents in which intelligence agent comprises of a system that perceives its environment and took immediate action to increases its chance of success. Artificial intelligence is, therefore, a highly specialized and technical and it is divided into various subfields.
The AL researches level is basically divided due to some technical & specific problems like the use of certain tool or accomplishment of several applications. The central goals or problems of Al researchers included reasoning, planning, processing of natural language and learning and also ability to manipulate various objects.
There are a large number of tools which include various version like optimization of mathematical search, logic & the methods comprises of probability and economics and many others. This field is versatile including the mathematics, computer science and also specialized fields like artificial psychology. Artificial intelligence is today an important part of an industry of technology that provides lifting of the objects which are much heavy.
“The Huge advancement in artificial intelligence demands a new set of ethics.”
Artificial Intelligence is one of the most discussed topics nowadays and the advancement recently in this technology came so much closer to reality, we couldn’t imagine.
There are various developing on AL these days in the development of weapons. In the defense industry, we are not just the ones who are engaging in the race of arms to create much advanced Al. The giants like social media e.g. google, Facebook and all big companies related to technology are engaging several Al initiates and well competing on digital development. In the present year, a world economic forum is held and it was stated that developments in artificial intelligence are looking for a fourth big industrial revolution which fully changed the society and also it severed human beings involving the big cost of millions of job to the young generation till 2020.
The recently developing in the starting of a new era of Al because Al could perform the most complex task and it no longer rely on the rules of pre-programmed which are used for decision making. And due to these upcoming development in the working of the machines and use AL to make the machines more perfect rather than human work. The time will soon come when humans would not beat the single machine of a computer.
“The Path to artificial intelligence is not graveling with a single discipline.”
But the question arises how to make it possible to use Al without the interference of human? Now, for this question we moved to another aspect a machine learning in which the Al is main fundamental and it is defined as that the ability or science to make computer learnt and performed without the explicitly programmed.
There are many big breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence like the Quantum computing. The Google stated about this technology that with the full collaboration with NASA and they are near to make a million times faster computer. And it could perform calculation within milliseconds which a digital computer took thousand plus year to solve this problem. But Google said that quantum computer might not be perfect for deep learning.
Now, came to the applications in which artificial intelligence criteria is used. The main area in which Al has contributed greatly the intrusion detection. Techniques of artificial intelligence are too big and pervasive to a list.
The big development of Al is in the field of medical sciences. Because this technology is now applied to solving a complex problem in the human body. During finding of trends of cancer, this technology is used. The big areas in which artificial intelligence is promoted are games of robot soccer, mining of data & robotic cars.
A big concern about Al development is a threat which can pose to the whole world. These concerns gain a wide attention of the expertise which mixed their multi concerns and unconcern by from eventual superhuman-capable Al. These concerns give an air to the high donation to remove their question about this technology drawbacks also. And due to it, a high amount is spending on researchers in just understood decision-making Al. Development on Artificial Intelligence in militarized technology is a big concern because the developed nations like United States, China, Russia are not used Al for big dangerous goals which may be like battlefield robots usage. Almost the researchers and people opinion about the wide use of Al could lead the human far from lives if it would use in a bad way. It leads to limit the use of AL.

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