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Biotechnology defined as the usage of living organism & their system to make or develop different new products or any application relevant to technology which used the biological system or their derivatives or to makes or modify several products for specific usage in daily routine. The branches from that field expanded into many other fields relative to engineering or sconce like bioengineering, biomedical & bio manufacturing.
For decades passing, the man used this biotechnology in every field for his purpose to live a luxurious life and got many benefits with a little effort. This technology has been used in agricultural, production of food and also medical field. Biotechnology is in term expanded to the new sciences like recombinant gene applied techniques, pharmaceutical development & the therapies. The history of biotechnology is really authentic & the first thought about biotechnology which comes in our mind is that how the man could develop new products by using this system and also the cultivation of flower or plants might be viewed as the enterprise biotechnology. Agriculture now seems to be the most resourceful and dominant way in the production of food since the humanity revolution took place in this world. However, in early biotechnology, the new farmers selected the method and bred the most cultivated crops which have the highest growth and yield to produce the food which is enough for the growth of world’s population.
The overall concept of biotechnology covers a huge range of modification of new living organism according to the needs of human beings, gone back to the domestication of wild animals, growing of new plants, and a lot more improvement in this types of breeding programs which hold the artificial selection and also hybridization( the phenomena in which the animals are bred with different kinds of other animals of race to make new offspring’s which are used for beneficent purposes in daily routine. The modern biotechnology including genetic engineering also the technologies of tissue culture. According to the western definition of biotechnology, it means that it is the application of biotechnology which is used to study the new system or sciences of life as well as the improvement in the materials things like pharmaceutical products etc. It is the integration of natural sciences for the several services or products. Biotechnology is also subdivided into other types like bioinformatics, bio-robotics & also the bioprocess engineering. Biotechnology is used by the human and they are improving their livestock’s & crops by selective breeding. The desirable characteristics animals are mated and new offspring has both genes and specifications. This biotechnology has been also used in the development of medical field & antibiotics like the famous scientist Alexander Fleming who makes Penicillin and this invention astonished the whole world community. The medicine is used for killing the bacteria’s in a human body. There is expecting a much high growth because this factor is influencing much too all people due to great success in this intellectual property as also there is a great demand in the medical field for the products gained from this application. Biotechnology has been also played a very important role in ensuring that biofuel producing target are met soon by it.


Biotechnology has the major only four application like health, agriculture, industrial etc. In industrial biotechnology, it is used for manufacturing of organic products like the milk from various animals and beer which is gained from some plants. Biotechnology is also used as recycling to handle waste & cleaning up industrial activities daily and also in a production of biological weapons. Blue biotechn is also used in describing the aquatic applications but it is very rarely used and white biotechnology which is associated with the designing of animals according to our will and then produce a useful chemical using their fluid or skin. Biotechnology is used in every field and it had contributed a great part in manufacturing & discovering of small molecules or drugs which are the products of biotech. The first medicine which is produced by using this application is applied in first to treat diseases in human body. Like insulin which are used for diabetic patients and there is a great demand as well in increasing of the new medicine for ease of human.
The main thing which concluded from this branch is that biotech is a very best way in the production of the new products which are used for meaningful purposes and the experts have recommended this method of breed because some things are produced by selective breeding by matching their genes or applied some useful things to get the desired objective. The food in terms produced by this application causes a great risk to human health because this food has some chemicals which are added during production and this cause various effects on the human body during the daily intake…

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