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Communication Networks

A communication network is termly called as telecommunication because it consisted of a collection of terminal nodes. The links are connected with each other as in enabling communication between the networks. The transmission lines are connected with each other through nodes. The nodes help in passing signals through switching of the circuit or else packet switching from the correct links so, that the signal reaches the perfect destination terminal. Each single terminal in this communication network has a unique address so that all messages of every person could reach the correct recipient through safe route. These bundles of addresses in the whole network are termed as address space.
There are many examples of communication network we have seen & it includes all the networks like computer networks, the internet which is a big communication network that helps in making people’s close together. The social media is a big communication network because over voice could hear in every corner of the world due to the advancement in the communication networks. Then came the big global telex network and also the ACARS network which is aeronautical and made the base of communication networks.
In every communication network is consisted of mainly the three major parts. The main plane called control plane which also termed as signaling carried all the information. Then came data plan which used user plane to carry the user traffic from the networks. The managing of network controls all operation which is required during controlling of traffic. The data networks are also included in communication network &internet is one of the examples due to its extensive usage. The terminals are linked with IPs and each given a unique id address and the IP addresses differ from digits etc. The certain protocol is used by every data communication network. There are then also many networks which work efficiently in route messaging they have further described as LAN, WAN & MAN.
All these networks of communication have their own feature like the LAN, WAN & WAN. The MAN is the biggest network because all the area is under it the LAN & WAN is small networks. The communication networks have many benefits because peoples could easily expand their all information to all types of peoples they want. The big example is if a person wanted to spread his small business in all parts of the world than he uses the internet to allocate his resources efficiently.


The networks of communication have cores like computer network, internet network & telephone network. Like a computer network, the whole information could be transferred to any part of the world due to the new devices. These are used in LAN because they covered the small area of communication. Then internet network which allowed every user to usage of resources any place he can. The use of internet could be so beneficial due to its extensive and positive use. Then came the telephones network. It is a type of network in which the people could connect with each and everybody so that they could share the variety of information with each other. Some peoples took advantages of these network and exchanges information with each other in spreading they’re and focuses on benefits of it.
The network uses many servers for communicating the signals through the ground level. The cables are used for this purpose so that the whole information is reached to the person at a ground level safe and sound. The whole servers are connected through the nodes for transferring the information. The backbone of all the scene behind are the service providers which are named as Internet Service Providers and they are the ones behind the network redundancy. These provides many facilities like the setup, maintenance of the cables, the failure of equipment’s. Many devices are used for this purpose of transferring signals and help in communication. The main widely used thing is the Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel network corps & Fujitsu Ltd. The overall capacity of these networks is dependent on signals at the receiving and also at the transmitting end. In earlier ERA the light beam is used for transferring the whole data to another person with much-limited bandwidth and to the maximum of the transmitting frequency. With the applications in the wavelengths and bandwidth, the OTN has been raised to 100 G/bit by an emission of beam of light from different wavelengths. The Larger field used 40G pipes to transfer of data. The data from one channel dropped towards the node. Then new data could be added n it with the usage of re-configurable optics that used WWS in extracting the configured frequency. It figures out the need for converting all the channels to electric signals and convert the all too optical into the OTN. This system called ROADM is fast and less expensive regarding access in OTN.

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