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A computer is simply called a device which could be used for general purpose and it is rightly programmed to perform logical & arithmetical operations automatically. Since the computer could solve every bit of problem with ease. So, computer mainly consisted of the main processing thing, called CPU and with some place for memory. That processor could perform any kind of operations regarding sequencing & control unit and also, it had the ability to change the operation in response to store information.
The history of a computer also could not be neglected because the first computer which is mechanical analog and it was user for just calculation purpose. Later, the electronic & digitals devices regarding computer are invented. The first digital computer was invented in 2nd world war and its size was like a large room. It was consuming power as hundred modern PCs could consume. The Modern computer invented in this Era consisted of integrated circuits and these kinds of computers are much capable than the earlier invented computers which occupied more space. Computers are now available and could easily fit into mobile phone devices.
Computers are now more advanced because of multi-tasking. The encroachment of these step to make computer more advance is highly appreciated. The certain things are added on the daily basis in memory and the great anti-viruses are installed and much more have been added and updated. The computer is a device which just understand the only programming language. The language which computer understand is binary language and it may be a form of 0s & 1s. But for the input, it is difficult to let & communicate with the computer in its own language so high-level language is used due to its ease of use and access in computer memory. The high-level language is east to learn and operate a computer. The computer understands it with a compiler. A different programming language is also used to make various programs on the computer. The games and many more things are made easily using a high-level language. Now, for the upcoming generation, the 4GL languages are being taken by the programmer in the market due to simplicity in making program and also involved collective analyzing of each problem with various input using the algorithm. When an app or program is being developed in computer several bugs are also found in them and for the debugging the options are available in the software’s through which bugs could be removed. A computer has main four components i.e. arithmetic & logic unit, control unit & memory, and various input or output devices which the main function is to operate computer device in the right way. In the beginning of developing a computer various computer, experts made a program and the computer could only perform one task. After the acknowledgment with devices enlarged the scientist rapidly worked on multitasking and now a user could easily perform the various task with just switching on the button or app on PCs. Also, the main single processer is working in computer one time & now the computer designer have developed such like a computer which distributed work with different configuration options of multiprocessing and it speed up the PC and now this technology of computers is available in laptops and the demand is being increased on a daily basis.
Computers are functioned like they could perform any task which is given by just getting input from the user and it worked with a collaboration of information between multiple locations from the era of 19th century. The researchers of computer and the scientist now worked mutually with the engineers through telecommunication links on the computer to make it more functioned with certain things and devices and stronger operating system which include the pull between the user and itself.


After the big step of Big Gates, the famous person who made windows and it is installed with some equipment’s inhibited in itself. The future of computer is very bright because of an estimated view of experts related to IT field of computer. They remarked that the great economy is getting endorsed with the computer and electronic devices. Almost every small electronic device have some electric chips inserted in it or have else relevant to the operating system.
The most common purpose of the daily society is the use of computer in daily activities & routine work and the worldwide countries the engineers are working and making faster computers using artificial intelligence so the difficulty to use the slow computers with bulk amount of load of work could vanish and the user could get work within minutes. These kinds of computers are used in all professions of life relative to medical sciences, the computers used for education purposes etc. all get advantage from these fast invention by man. We just need to understand the basic concept under the logics being used in the development of computer to make it more useful for us.

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