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All eyes seem to be hanged on the viral name of robots. Some think it may be a kind of agent which perform task easily and those tasks are not performed simply by human beings. A Robot is a mechanical device or agent which is totally guided by machines or the electronic circuit inserted in it.
The field of modern technology is viral with modern robots & everybody wished to carry a robot for his ease so the robot could perform his tasks easily. The robots are invented day by day like medical robots which the main function is to deal with a medical operation which is tough to be performed by humans. Such other kind of robots is the base of technology in this field because the appearance of robot conveys a sense like thought or intelligent which is its own.
Robotic is also the branch of technology separately which deal with the processing, construction & all other processes taken place on the single machine.
There are big concerns about this robot or robotic machines because the invention of these machines has removed human to play their positive part in society. Almost every things which we see seems to be robots like our laptops, machine which assembles & de-assemble parts of cars etc. Robots are strictly blamed due to their so advanced functions they are a big cause of rising unemployment in this world. Several ethical concerns are being raised due to the usage of robots in military combats. There may be a big possibility about the robots due to their realistic concerns, they are a proper subject for discussion on future. Robots are have taken the place of a human because the dangerous task which is performed at the bottom of the sea or at any other thing in our lives.


If we looked behind in past we could easily aware our self because human needs some machine that could help them in their work. The first robotic device replaced to process & manipulate data is computers. Robotic computers perform the task which should be input by the users. For the time being, human developed themselves fully and electronic robo’s ( Robo is the nick of robots) rare being invented & due to their intelligent behavior to perform task easily they’ve raised a big craze about inventing and giving air to more machines.
Now came to the modern robots which are likely to be a so helpful due to their abilities. It includes various robo’s and mobile robots are the robots which have taken the place of humans in medical sciences. The robot named as laparoscopic which helped in human surgery and they are used in a tough environment which is unbearable for humans. Such kinds of robots are used for assembly lines and they are made and functioned properly to easily perform the task. Other robots which are used in the domestic performing task like cleaning or room, maintenance etc. which are tough to be done by humans.
The industrial robots which are made with big joined arms to hold heavy material & assembled the parts quickly. These kinds of automated robots which are effectively and for performing negotiable work are being a part of our daily lives. They are used for multi-purposes and in various other industrial applications. There are also collaborative robots invented on behalf of helping humans because the giants robots used in assembly lines could be hazardous for industrial work and the human perform some tasks to reduce risk of assessment before performing and any task.


Service robo’s which are used for useful to perform various services like equipment’s etc. They are not made hard to handle big manufacturing tasks. The educational robo’s are invented to give them big ease to the students who have difficulty in learning subjects. These educational robo’s are sometimes automated in computer machines or sometimes like a human robo which teaches well.
Robo’s in society play a massive part in the development of new things. Almost all developed countries like United States, China, and Russia are using robotic technology. Researching robo’s which are made and being sent to a planet like Mars & Jupiter for help man to acknowledging about the humid environment or in search of other quality material there.
Future development relevant to robo’s, technological trends are emerging day by day. There is a big revolution in the field of science about the creation or problem-solving capability to perform the various task in robo’s. The big development is a smartphone, a new type of robot is being invented. The Era of robo’s might be started sooner due to the big steps of Japan. According to latest trend topic about robo’s, the Japan take a big initiative to fully commercialize the services of robo’s till the year 2025. The people in the world who are aware of this robotic machines seems to saw a bright future of robo’s due to intelligence.

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