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Transportation or Transport sound like same because both have to mean in the movement of good, people animals from one place to another. The transportation may be set up on different resources which include air, rail, water &space etc. The transportation is in terms very important because the man is connected through his trade on transportation with the whole world and all is good in developments of all the citizens. This field is so large because it is divided mainly into infrastructure, vehicles and operations. The infrastructure of transportation consists of some fixed installation which may be like roads, airways, waterways railways stations etc. The terminals are used for this interchanging with the person or passengers.
Travelling of vehicles on such kinds of networks could include bicycles, aircraft space craft’s etc. The whole vehicle procedure is set up for the purpose which includes legalities and policies. In the industry of transportation, the overall ownership of the infrastructure could be public or made private due to the dependence of transportation. If we looked back in the past we had sent that man learnt various things from his environment where he lives.
In beginning he used to travel on the animal power resources like elephants, camels etc. but with the advancement in the resource and the latest technology the man used his abilities to prove his intelligence and making his way of travelling more luxurious and due to it he had crossed almost all limits on making his travelling or transportation more convenient and comfortable. The man used to carry goods to travel to other cities in camels and all the travelling is taken place on the animal power. Now, look at the modern ERA which is called the new era of man and technology. Because the airplanes, aircraft, vehicles which travel in the sea are used for the purpose of travelling. The aircraft is the most convenient and luxurious way to travel because the movement in the aircraft is through wings movement and the heavy machines and consumption of overall fuel is fulfilled to make the travelling much safe and sound. This is the fastest travelling rather than any transport being used.


Another source of travelling is through rail which is renamed as rail transport and the work in the simple mechanism behind and it is running on two main steel rails which termed as railways road. These are spread perpendicular on concrete or the latest and an advanced way of spreading these rails path is a monorail. Different sizes of car boxes are fixed in it in order to provide ease to people and some classes are also set up there. The rails are also used for transportation of materials from one place to another. Then a new way of transportation is through roads and this path is the little bit convenient for travelling and the roads are the routes between the places or paths and they are made much smoother so the travelling experience should be good and the overall routes signals are used on signs boards in order to help of peoples. The way of roads is much efficient as compared to the rural areas roads. The motor cars with e genes are used or might be bicycles are used to travel to one place to another.
The last resource of travelling is through water and the ships are used for this purpose and large boats are made with great facilities provided in them so that it helps in making the way and travelling more easily. Then ships are loaded fully with engines and patrols are used for the fast way and underground the scenes used marines so that they could let them aware beneath the sea. Nowadays, the infrastructure is the main thing which allowed people to travel on their own vehicle and for the ease of the peoples living there or inhabitants certain terminals are made from where the people could move easily. The big example of infrastructure is airports because they are set up accordingly the traveling from any part of the world. The terminals are made so the plan could stop and link rail system should work. These could be used privately are by the public usage also. The vehicles are also the way for transportation privately from one place to another and it is made so people could move easily within it safely and it used very less consumption of fuel as compared to another way of transportation. These kinds of vehicles are driven by a diver and mostly these are made automated for the ease of people who wants to travel. In short, these all ways of transportation are beneficial and all of these provide ease to the public passengers or also for the use of cargo services and with the advancement and entering into the new era the ways of travelling are made more dominant.

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