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How to reduce dark spots on skin within a week

How to reduce dark spots on skin in very less time.


Skin is the external covering of the body. It consist of two main layers:

  1. Epidermis
  2. Dermis

Pigmentation of skin occurs in the epidermis so we will stick to this layer only. Epidermis may be thick or thin. Thick one is present on soles and palms.


It consists of cells that keep replacing themselves.  Skin cycle is of 28 days i.e after every 28 days old skin is sloughed off and new layers appear. Epidermis further consists of following cells:

  1. Keratinocytes
  2. Melanocytes
  3. Langerhans cells
  4. Merkel cells

Black pigment in the skin is produced by the melanocytes in the skin. This black pigment is called as melanin. It is a protective agent of the skin. It protects skin from harmful electromagnetic radiations for example from the sun. Minor roles are played by keratinocytes and fibroblasts (fibroblasts are cells from dermis of the skin).

Stimuli for skin pigmentation:

Pigmentation is a response. Stimuli can be internal or external. Following are the stimuli:

Intrinsic stimuli:

  1. Endocrine factors
  2. Neuronal factors
  3. Post inflammatory
  4. Aging

Endocrine changes for example can be observed during pregnancy when whole body of female is going through huge hormonal revolution or one taking birth control pills. This type of pigmentation is called melasma. Neuronal changes can be observed in psychiatric problems or in patients of diabetes in which neuropathy has occurred. Pigmentation due to aging is called Lentigines.

Extrinsic stimuli:

  1. Ultraviolet radiations most probably from sun.

Ultraviolet radiations are the most common cause of the skin pigmentation around the globe. It is more prominent in persons who work in sunlight.


Ways of reduction of skin pigmentation:

Skin pigment is reduced in many ways. Some are conventional and modern one are homeopathic and Modern medicine.

Conventional ways:

Conventionally people used herbs and extracts of different plants and used that for hypopigmentation. Most popular herb for pigmentation reduction is aloe Vera. Its upper layers are peeled off and its pulp is applied on the pigmented region. This is done once a day, after a month skin glows and all types of pigmentation is reduced or is declined to zero.  Charts are available for skin monitoring. But they are mostly use to monitor cosmetic effect of beauty creams.

Another very popular herb is turmeric. It is grinded and its paste is formed which is then used to reduce skin pigmentation. It is one of the most conventional technique used for hypopigmentation in Asia. Conventional ways were only used for beauty purposes. Some people use yogurt and lemon juice for skin lightening.

Homeopathic ways:

Homeopathy is somewhat similar to conventional or it is modified version of conventional techniques. This includes different creams and mixtures that are obtained by mixing several herbs or extracts from herbs. They can be homemade or can be prepared in labs or industries.

Modern medicine:

Modern medicine has different type of drugs for skin pigmentation. They are oral as well as topical in use. Main component of these is vitamin A. Following are medicines:

  • Hydroquinones
  • Mandelic acid (almond extract)
  • Azelic acid


Laser is one of the modern techniques used now a days for removal selective pigmented areas.

Skin abalations:

It includes application of artificial layers of synthetic materials like silicon on the pigmented area. They can be on whole face or specifically on hyperpigmented area.

Key points of how to reduce dark spots:

Following are the some points that should always be kept in mind to reduce the risks of pigmentation.

  1. Always apply sun screen before going into sun. It helps in reduction of risk of pigmentation. Now a days sun screens with variety of SPF (sun protecting factor).
  2. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits and you can apply them directly on skin, because they are natural skin lightening products.
  3. Avoid unnecessary exposure to daylight.
  4. If you are taking medication be regular.
  5. Avoid self medication.
  6. If you are allergic to some drug don’t go for it.

Alarming situations:

In order to reduce dark spots easily within a week, you must keep in mind that there are some risks as well. Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes. When a mole of dark pigmented area grows rapidly and forms outgrowth is most probable indication of melanoma. It can be life threatening condition. Dermatologist should be consulted immediately and respective treatment should be started as soon as possible. It’s most common treatment is surgical removal and follow up chemotherapy.


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