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What are the final Results of the Panama Case 2017 ?

Results of the panama case 2017: Imran khan was present in the high court before the resiult was announced. Supreme Court said President Nawaz Shareef will present himself in JIT within 60 days. “Supreme court has told us to do something that President Nawaz shareef himself said 6 months earlier …

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What’s Coming in the Next Game of Thrones Season?

YESTERDAY, HBO RELEASED a new teaser video for Season 7 of Game of Thrones, and while it showed us not a single frame of the actual season, one thing is clear: Winter is here. There’s a chill in Westeros, as Cersei Lannister’s visible breath shows, and things are only going to …

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Google and Facebook Can’t Just Make Fake News Disappear

ake news is too big and messy to solve with algorithms or editors — because the problem is….us. Increasingly, I’m frustrated by (and often antagonistic toward) the emergent narrative about how to address so-called “fake news.” My anger is growing, not only because as I write this I’m almost 10 months pregnant and …

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Swing Things: Tools to Improve Your Golf Game

THE WORLD OF golf has evolved far beyond the $1.50 pimento cheese sandwich still served at the Masters Tournament year after year. These days, you can learn to swing like a pro with hyper-realistic golf simulators. Reading the greens has shifted to the wrist. Even Boeing’s in the game, contributing …

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