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What are the final Results of the Panama Case 2017 ?

Results of the panama case 2017:

Imran khan was present in the high court before the resiult was announced.

Supreme Court said President Nawaz Shareef will present himself in JIT within 60 days.
“Supreme court has told us to do something that President Nawaz shareef himself said 6 months earlier .To present himself infront of the Commition. We are ready to present our self in any kind of commission”: Shahbaz Shareef
Hassan and Hussain Nawaz should also be there in the JIT; Supreme Court.
The judges said that the case should be searched keenly. The capacity of staying as a President of Nawaz Shareef will also be decided at after the JIT is held.

JIT will show there results after every 15 days.
THREE judges said that the JIT should be held And TWO others said he NOT ELIGIBLE  for the seat. NOT even a single judge said that he wasn’t doing wrong.
Who is the owner of the houses in London?

And how was the money transferred to Qatar. How was the Money TRIAL done?
All answers to these questions should be given after the JIT reports.

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