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A computer is simply called a device which could be used for general purpose and it is rightly programmed to perform logical & arithmetical operations automatically. Since the computer could solve every bit of problem with ease. So, computer mainly consisted of the main processing thing, called CPU and with …

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Communication Networks

A communication network is termly called as telecommunication because it consisted of a collection of terminal nodes. The links are connected with each other as in enabling communication between the networks. The transmission lines are connected with each other through nodes. The nodes help in passing signals through switching of …

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Biotechnology defined as the usage of living organism & their system to make or develop different new products or any application relevant to technology which used the biological system or their derivatives or to makes or modify several products for specific usage in daily routine. The branches from that field …

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Apple is a multinational company related to technology and it is American based company spread all over the world. Its headquarters are in California and this company is much famous in designing and development of electronics products including different software’s & application and mobile with latest technologies. This company sells …

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Artificial intelligence is that intelligence showcased by software and machines. It is also included in the field of study in which we learnt how to create software and computers that are efficient of intelligence behavior. According to the AL researchers, they defined it as the design and study of intelligent …

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